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Fortem’s core values of Partnership, Integrity and Innovation extend to our interaction with the world in which we live.

Our commitment to our own people is matched by our commitment to improving the world in which they live, for them and for others. Our business purpose is to produce positive outcomes for our people, for our clients, and for society. With that in mind every single physical investment in the Funds is subject to an ESG screen and any person or institution with which we engage must adhere to our core values.



Our world is a miracle in every sense of the word, the odds of it existing in as perfect a way to support complex life are astronomically small, it is therefore our collective responsibility to ensure that those perfect conditions are not ended by our own stupidity.

At the micro level, the firm has procedures in place to be conscious of our own carbon footprint and ensure we do what we can to limit our own impact.

At a macro level, every single investment is subject to an ESG screen and ESG considerations are documented as part of the due diligence process within the Investment Committee.




Our Colleagues

Our people are the most important aspect in our business by a distance. It is crucial they feel valued and happy which is why we provide them with free mental health care through Spill as well as granting them access to a dedicated performance coach. Outside of work, we also want to foster a culture of camaraderie as well as maintain a healthy work/life balance for our people; we know that their family and friends are the most important aspect of their lives, as they should be.


Our community

Fortem Capital is proud to be signed up to the UN PRI and UK FRC’s Stewardship Code. Those codes alongside our own values form a strong backbone of beliefs and behaviours befitting a firm in which clients place so much trust. All members of our team must share those core values and beliefs. All of us are in a position of responsibility; to each other, to our clients, and to the world in which we live.

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Our community foundation

Fortem Capital are honoured and humbled to support a number of brilliant social projects. As much as signing up to commitments and opining on values is important, having a tangible impact on local communities is what makes us most proud. It is a privilege to support FoodCycle, Wirral Athletics Club and South Warwickshire Juniors Rugby Club and to witness the impact they make on their local communities.




Fortem Capital was founded with a clear purpose that has been communictaed to all stakeholders.  From day one, Fortem had been designed to be scalabale and have a clear visions, values, strategic plan and business model.  In order for any business to be truly successful, it requires the same elements from its inception.

The unique offering in the liquid alternatives space allowed Fortem to establish strong relationships within the industry.  We continue to build upon these relationships and will leverage them as we continue to expand our capabilities and offerings in the marketplace.  Any successful business is only as good as its people, past, present and in the futures.