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    Why Fortem Capital

Fortem Capital's team of independent and experienced market professionals offer innovative investment solutions and services that both ease the burden of investing whilst helping our clients stand out from the crowd.

Meet the team

Our people

The cornerstone around which any business must be built is its people; they are by a distance the most important factor in determining success for both our clients and for the business itself. Our people are therefore where we invest most heavily and we are committed to them in a way that is befitting of their importance.

We employ a dedicated performance coach in order to allow our people to maximise their potential whilst also offering unlimited professional mental health support to ensure that they can find the right balance.


At the core

Our values

The values which anyone wishing to be part of the Fortem team must share are non-negotiable; they govern everything we do



You can count on us to consistently deliver superior levels of service alongside high-quality investments.



Fully transparent in the way we work as individuals, to one another and in how we work with you, our valued clients.



Continually improving what we do, and how we do it, to ensure that you stay ahead of your competition in an ever-changing marketplace.



We are fully aligned with our customers. A partner-owned business, your success is our success.



Committed to helping you deliver the results that you want through superior risk-adjusted returns and excellent levels of service.


Maximising Value

There is an acknowledgement within the industry now that there has been a paradigm shift with regards to correlations, particularly during times of crisis. The combined experience of the team allows us to construct strategies that are both highly liquid, not burdensome from a cost perspective, and behave as liquid alternatives should. This is what alternative investing should look like.


A novel approach

Our Investment Philosophy

The beauty of any philosophy is in its simplicity.

The world of alternatives is centred around risk. The investment philosophy which governs every investment decision made at Fortem is one grounded in risk management to ensure that any Fortem strategy is at all times positioned to deliver on its objective within the parameters of its risk and correlation limits. This ensures that strategies behave as they should, even in the midst of stressed markets.