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    About Fortem Capital

Fortem Capital is an independent investment boutique focused exclusively on providing investors with defined, liquid & cost-efficient alternative investment solutions. Alternative investing is in the firm’s DNA and, through the combined expertise and experience of its people, solutions normally uninvestable for most due to cost and liquidity are created.


Our Story

Fortem Capital was established in 2017 by highly experienced former global markets investment bankers. The firm specialises in liquid alternative solutions, with a growing suite of funds, and services institutional clients with bespoke derivative-based solutions.

The firm leverages its people’s extensive experience in alternative investments to create strategies normally uninvestable for most with cost and liquidity constraints or considerations. The result is a collection of solutions which give investors additional tools for constructing investment portfolios fit for purpose in a world that has moved on from the correlation assumptions that were the foundation of multi-asset investing previously.

Our Mission

We strive to deliver cutting-edge investment solutions while constantly developing our resources - including people and technology - to ensure we're at the forefront of everything we do.

Our Vision

Established & recognised as go-to expert Asset Management firm specialising in Liquid Alternatives. Servicing multi-jurisdictional professional clients across wholesale & institutional marketplace.

Our Investment Philosophy

The beauty in any philosophy lies in its simplicity.

Every investment strategy and solution are governed by the same basic principals and run by the same team in order to ensure that Fortem’s strategies do nothing other than attempt to achieve their investment objective both from a risk and return perspective.


It is our firm belief that, if the client is at the epicentre of absolutely everything one does, success becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. We are committed to nothing other than providing industry-leading solutions and service within the framework of our own values.